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Building Bridges Between Polarized Perspectives

Dr. Kim O’Reilly invites understanding, promotes respect, and engages people of differing viewpoints in meaningful conversation

Cross-cultural trainer, conflict-resolution consultant, and author Dr. Kim O’Reilly has dedicated her life to fostering mutual respect and bringing people together. Raised in a conservative Christian family, she is the lesbian daughter of an evangelical minister. The terms “conservative” and “liberal” aren’t dirty words to her, and she has mastered the art of living in both worlds without conflict or confusion.

In addition to her transformative conflict-resolution work with organizations, businesses, and other groups, Kim has also authored a book dedicated to promoting respectful dialogue and mutual understanding between gay people and their families, workplaces, schools, and congregations. The book is called:

We Love You, But You’re Going to Hell

Christians and Homosexuality: Agree, Disagree, Take a Look

“The skill of dialoguing across differences needs to be taken to the larger society,” says Kim, “especially in today’s polarizing environment. I always advocate for building bridges, not fences.”

Can We Really Talk About That?

“So many are torn between their love for someone who is gay and accepting or welcoming them in the face of strongly held beliefs against homosexuality,” Kim says. “These inner and outer conflicts play out in families, congregations, schools, and in businesses.”

How can people begin to address the dichotomy of love and condemnation – sincerely expressed by Christians – and the pain experienced by gays and lesbians?

Kim explores this question in depth in her book, “We Love You, But You’re Going to Hell.” Her accessible writing style steers clear of theological or academic delivery while poignantly inviting deeper exploration of scripture. The result is a conversation tool people everywhere are using to create fresh dialogue around this challenging topic.

Cross-Cultural Conversations without Finger Pointing

From facilitating conversations about homosexuality and religion, to partnering with German educators to redesign teachings about the holocaust for school children, to working with the Northern Ireland Peace and Conflict Delegation to develop a new curriculum policy for Irish students, the heart of Kim’s work is nurturing respect and understanding amid challenging circumstances and divergent perspectives. Valuing all viewpoints, she works to demonstrate how assumptions, beliefs, and attitudes impact our shared environments.

Her consulting and training firm Intercultural Solutions focuses on matters concerning:

* Race
* Ethnicity
* Gender
* Sexual orientation
* Religion
* Bullying

Kim advocates for safe and inclusive environments while improving the ability to work effectively across all cultures.

“It is essential that we, as a society, learn to understand, respect, and appreciate other cultures in our workplaces and relationships – while still maintaining and respecting our own,” says Kim. “Striking that balance does not often come naturally, but it can be taught.”

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PRESS RELEASE (APR 2019) - Author of Book on Homosexuality and the Church Launches Online Press Kit

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